Signing Documents Electronically

Signing Documents Electronically

Signing documents electronically is a fast, secure and cost effective way to authorise documents we have prepared on your behalf.

Key Points:

  • Woottons are going to begin offering the option for you to sign electronically.
  • To sign you will need a computer/mobile device, internet access, an email address and a free Xero account.
  • Signing electronically is secure and significantly faster than traditional post.

How do I electronically sign the documents? 

  • We will ask you if you would like to sign a document we prepare for you electronically (or you can tell us).
  • You will receive an email from us letting you know that there are documents ready for you to sign.
  • Click on Review documents at the bottom of this email
  • Sign in to Xero with your Xero account
    • If you do not have a Xero account linked to the email you provided, a prompt to create a password to activate your free Xero account will be displayed. 
  • Review the declaration and return details. If you see more than one copy of a return for the same tax year, make sure to review the most recent version. 
  • When you are ready to sign your return, click Start. 
  • Type your name or draw your signature using your mouse or touchscreen, then click Apply. 
  • Click Next to continue adding your e-signature to the document. 
  • Once all places marked on the document are signed, tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions and click the ‘Sign’ button to finalise the document.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need to create a Xero Account to sign the documents
    • Yes you will have to create a Xero Account and a password
    • (Passwords can be reset if you forget)  
  • Will creating an account with Xero cost me anything?  
    • It will not cost you anything to create a Xero Account.
  • I reset my Xero account password and now it has taken me to a page to setup a Xero organisation.
    • Go to our website and click on “Sign Documents” on the menu at the top of the screen. 
  • Do I have to have my own email address 
    • Yes each person signing a document must have their own email address. 
  • The Review button in the email does not take me to my documents to be signed: 
    • If you already have a Xero account go to our website and click on “Sign Documents” on the main menu. 
    • Sign in with your Xero account and you will be able to access your documents. 
  • Can I download the e-signed document at any time? 
    • Yes, you can download your e-signed document at any time from the Xero Portal, using the link from the request email or by logging in to 
  • Can I decline to e-sign a document if I disagree with its content? 
    • Yes if you do not wish to sign a return you can choose to decline it as follows: 
      1. From the return, click Options, then select I will not e-sign. 
      2. Enter a brief reason for declining. 
      3. Click Decline